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Tune Your Brain For Ultimate Productivity Video Training

(Value: $$$)

All the information in the world makes no difference if it never gets implemented! International speaker and business coach Tina Dietz MS, NCC leads you through the inner workings of the human brain and reveals how to increase your productivity and results without ever touching a calendar. Receive this 30+ minute video training and the downloadable presentation for FREE.

Learn why it may not be your fault that you’re not getting the results you want, and what to do about it!

From: Tina Dietz
Teresa deGrosbois

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Igniting Wildfire - Going Flame to Fame in 30 Days!

(Value: $$$)

Free 4 week program! What you will gain:

   - Use your passion to influence the way others think
   - Develop the routine habits that create fame
   - Leverage your social media in powerful ways
   - Create big energy around your business, book or project
   - Move from local word of mouth to wildfire epidemics
   - PLUS, monthly group coaching calls!

From: Teresa deGrosbois

Speak With Confidence To Increase Sales, Inspire Sales, Inspire Cooperation & Gain Greater Respect

(Value: $49)

What does your speaking voice say about you? How you present yourself determines how your audience, clients, friends, family and co-workers perceive and respond to you. In this free video series, you will discover a quick 30 second body posture exercise so you read as trustworthy, confident and engaging to everyone you connect with; Learn how to warm up your voice to sound magnetic and so you can gain credibility and respect; understand how to calm your nerves so you can walk into any situation and feel centered, focused and genuinely powerful.

From: Cindy Ashton
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How To Manifest Your Big Dreams & Goals: 7 Lessons From The Super Affluent

(Value: $97)

Sick and tired of falling short of your goals? Ever wonder how the Super Affluent think and what they do to become successful? Are you finally ready to learn how to have your Big Dreams and Goals become reality? This content rich, 85 page home-study course is loaded with exercises to help you get organized, become more productive and focused!  The course normally retails for $97.00 and it’s yours free!

From: Jaden Sterling
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Facebook Mastery For Business: Timeline Success Strategies For Customers And Cash

(Value: $47)

Facebook is a critical business tool in today's marketplace and most companies haven't a clue what they should be doing, saying, and how it really works and fits in with their business strategy. Tracy Repchuk takes you through how to structure your page, leverage the latest features, and connects you to the tools and resources that keep you ahead of the competition.

From: Tracy Repchuk
Lisa Mininni

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Get More Clients Now! 3 Steps To More Clients, More Money, And A Business You Love

(Value: $47)

Writing a business plan is only one small step to building a successful business. In fact, many of clients focus on their Business Blueprint instead; and succeed in building a 6 to 7 figure business. In this eBook, I reveal:

  • 3 quantum steps to continuous cash flow so you wake up profitable.
  • 7 keys to easily put your marketing on autopilot.
  • The key elements in sealing the deal up to 98% of the time AND how one of my clients closed on 100% of her sales for 3 months running without being sales-y.
  • Critical elements that must be included in Your Business BlueprintTM so you market your services easily and stop the struggle for more clients forever!
From: Lisa Mininni
Lisa Manyon - Free Gift

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Copywriting Action Plan

(Value: $47)

Lisa Manyon is "The Business Marketing Architect" a content and copywriting strategist for mission-driven entrepreneurs. She's the creator of the NEW marketing model for success (as seen in Inc. Magazine). Lisa’s “Challenge. Solution. Invitation. ™” formula is changing the way we market today. She specializes in powerfully communicating your marketing message to increase results via Manyon Marketing Web Makeovers, website copy packages and content strategies to effectively market your business. You can access her FREE Copywriting Action Plan and APEX award winning blog to help you improve all of your marketing messages NOW.

From: Lisa Manyon
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The Surefire Method To Always Accomplish Your Goals

(Value: $49)

Gain FREE access to an instant downloadable audio from Goal Achievement Expert and International Bestseller, Debbi Dachinger, who ensures that all of your dreams are possible and are waiting on you to get started. Learn why this innovative method to goal setting works and guarantee your dreams become a reality for YOU. Time to soar! The time is now.

From: Debbi Dachinger

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Escaping The Money Traps Of Scarcity, Superstition and Survival Mode

(Value: $49)

Too many smart, spiritually connected, talented individuals are blocked by money worries, resentment, and mess. Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, your Spiritual Guide in Wealth, shows a fresh perspective that brings you financial and spiritual fulfillment! Karen is the author of The Money Keys, endorsed by her teachers, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Katherine Woodward Thomas. She shares insights from 25 years of success as a Columbia University MBA, award-winning corporate salesperson and ordained interfaith minister. Receive your “Escaping the Money Traps Kit” to teach you exactly how to stop worrying, fighting and struggling with money for good.

From: Karen Russo
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7 Guaranteed Ways To Attract New Customers Like Magic

(Value: $97)

Wouldn’t you want to double your sales? Wouldn’t you want to increase your website conversions more than 400%? Wouldn’t you “like” Facebook to be more than your friend….and be your business partner instead? Imagine if you could do those things and more….easily and automatically. Imagine if some of the most successful things you could do required the least amount of time. Seth Greene reveals the secrets of magical marketing in “7 Guaranteed Ways to make New Customers Appear Like Magic”.

From: Seth Greene






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New York Times BestSeller: What Is Your What? Discover The One Amazing Thing Your Were Born To Do

(Value: $24.95)

One person has the power to change the world, impact millions of lives, and leave a legacy for lifetimes to come. That person is... YOU! In his New York Times bestseller, What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do, award-winning author Steve Olsher (founder of The Reinvention Workshop), reveals his proven process that has helped thousands of men and women cultivate a life of purpose, conviction, and contribution by identifying and creating a plan of action for bringing the ONE thing they were born to do to fruition. This timely step-by-step guide will propel you towards achieving peace and prosperity sharing your unique gift with the world. Grab your FREE copy now. The world is waiting for you!

From: Steve Olsher

Constance Arnold

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Affirmations For Success Digital CD

(Value: $19.99)

Empower your life by listening daily to these Prosperity and Success Affirmations. Affirmations keep you motivated, inspired and focused on your specific intention/goals for 2014. The inspiration from these recordings will create new neurological pathways for new success strategies and projects that will accelerate the manifestation of your dreams. Constance Arnold’s radio show on the Law of Attraction Radio Network has millions of listeners globally and over 200 archive shows that will keep you motivated during 2014.

From: Constance Arnold