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Selling Commercial PropertyDo you want to make a HUGE PROFIT by selling commercial property? Of course you do? Who wouldn’t want to? Everything you’ll ever need to know about selling commercial property and more will be revealed to you! Tips and pointers from top professionals operating on the real estate market!

The first thing you need to know about selling commercial property is that commercial real estate is quite different than residential real estate. The major difference between the two is the amount of capital your business partner has at his or her disposition. Remember that you aren’t selling a home to a person; you’re selling potentially profitable business space to a company or a person! Selling commercial real estate gives you the power to write your very own paycheck! The only limit is that which you enforce upon yourself! Make all the money you’ll ever need simply by being a good salesperson!

Here are some tips that will make selling commercial property a breeze.

You need to choose the right type of property. The type of property you want to sell can make all the difference, it makes or breaks the sale, it is THAT important! People will always care about what the property type is set as with the city. This lets them know how they can use that piece of property and if this is in accordance with the city ordinances.

1. Step1
Choose right property type. Property Type. The property type can make a difference between a sale or not. People care about what the property type is classified as with the city. It makes a difference what they can do with it or not according to city ordinances. Make sure to check out the different classifications of property types.

2. Step2
Factor in Primary Use. They want to know what type of Commercial real estate it is. They want to know whether it is mainly office space or some type industry or warehouse. This will make a difference on you learn How to Sell Commercial Real Estate. You have to ask your future clients what they are looking for in advance so you don't waste your time and their time.

3. Step3
Remember Location. The area of the building makes all the difference. The location is one of the most important parts. It will influence the company profits regardless of what type of company is going to be in the area. The location will make the difference between the closing sale or not. Make sure the location is exactly what the company is looking for. The location is the main key in whether or not the business with generate profits and how much money in one area than another. You have to keep that in mind when showing buildings what type of company they are.

4. Step4
Consider square feet. The square feet of the building matters too. You don't want to show a building that is too small or too big. You want to find out what square feet that they are looking for about. Get an estimate before you even begin to show them buildings. You want to save time. Your future clients are very important people with a ton of money who don't like to waste time. The square feet can make the difference between a yes or no so make sure to give them plenty of space.

5. Step5
Remember age or year built . The buildings age matters to most companies. Some of them are fine with a old building that is up to city code on everything. Other companies want a brand new or close to new building that looks up to date in the world. Some companies don't mind a old building that they can fix up a little bit to make it look better. The older buildings tend to cost less since they are old and not worth much. You might be able to sell a older building in commercial real estate than a more expensive one. It depends how much the company can afford and wants to save when they make a purchase of a building. You may get a big commission off the newer buildings, but you still get a commission off the small building sales too.

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