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Secrets of Keeping Up with Your Mortgage Payments Revealed! How to use a deed-in lieu of foreclosure and many other facts that few people will ever tell you!

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Something few people will ever tell you about is how to use a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. A deed-in-lieu of foreclosure basically means that you give up your property to the lender, usually a bank, in full satisfaction of the amount of money you owed. While this may seem as a drastic, last-resort type of method, you need to know about it! By receiving and accepting the died-in-lieu, the money lender releases you from your personal liability on your loan. What this basically means is that you surrender your property to the bank in return for having your loan paid.

There is however an item of discussion that is very important which should be a part of your attention. You can use a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure only when you have a single mortgage on the property in question. You cannot use the deed-in-lieu of foreclosure should you have a second mortgage on your property.
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