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ForeclosureIn order to understand the world of real estate you must be familiar with several specialized terms used in this field of work. One of these terms is foreclosure. What is foreclosure? Foreclosure is a proceeding, both legal and professional, by way of whom a lien holder or a mortgagee seeks and obtains a court ordered termination in respect to the equitable right of redemption pertaining to a mortgagor. In simpler terms, what happens is that a lender usually asks for and obtains from the borrower a security asset when the latter chooses to apply for a mortgage. In some cases, the borrower uses an asset such as a house or a car or some other valuable piece of property to secure his or her loan. Should the borrower be unable to keep up with his or her payments and defaults, the lender is entitled to trying to repossess that property which was used as a security deposit.

The lien holders can also proceed with foreclosing the owner’s redemption in respect to other various types of debts. These debts can come in the form of unpaid bills for contractors, overdue taxes or overdue payments to the homeowner’s association of which the owner may be part of.

The process of foreclosure as it is applied to loans pertaining to residential mortgages is usually a bank or another form of creditor, looking to sell or repossess a piece of real estate. This is why it is very, very important to understand what foreclosure is before such you find yourself the subject of such an action.

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