About Us
COMPANY CEO: Naveed Maqsood is a Citizen of Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand having lived in many countries such as Cyprus, Australia and New Zealand. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge that has culminated from many years spent in these countries. He has an understanding of the multi-facets of the different cultures and is able to handle issues and problems that students may face when they are away from their homeland.

Ellipse Education Introduction:

Since its inaugurations Ellipse Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand Education Service has become a leading representative for a vast array of education providers in Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand offering some of the best international study programmes for Students from all over the world. We offer Programmes from elementary (and the variances in between) to advanced levels of English proficiency. We also offer Polytechnic, College and University levels that allow international students the opportunity to mix with local students.

The institutions we represent and the courses they offer are diverse and wide ranging. It is through our various strategically forged international alliances that we are able to boast a substantial global presence. We work with many organisations including overseas agents, companies and educational institutions. These partners assist us in personalising our services so they are efficient, responsive and culturally appropriate.

Why study abroad? At Ellipse we believe that education and life experiences are important and not only does it fuel you with knowledge, it is also an opportunity to develop skills and understanding, of that reason alone, education has to be multifaceted. It is only by studying abroad that an individual gains independence, solid networking skills as well as cultural understanding & appreciation

Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, being a multicultural society, allows you to fully immerse yourself in various cultures, customs and experiences. As a result, friends and memories last a lifetime.

So come abroad, the world awaits………..

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